Providing everyone with access to legal services

We’re committed to helping members of the public to have easier access to the information they need when buying or selling a property. A little knowledge is a wonderful thing and can save you a lot of time, trouble and money.


This online ‘magazine’ of guides is written by legal professionals in simple, straightforward language and is available to consumers. The guides provide you with free access to clear and easy to understand legal information so that you can be better informed about all manner of legal issues and protected against legal risks. This will enable you to be more confident, ask questions and get the most out of any visit to a legal professional. The service includes a directory of local solicitors or legal representatives who specialise in different areas of law, so that you’ll know who to go to for specific advice and guidance. To visit Law Plain and Simple click here.

Home Risk Reports aim to make you a better informed buyer or seller, by giving you easy, cost-effective access to the most up-to-date, detailed information about the property you’re buying or selling.  For buyers, this information is usually only available after you have made the decision to buy your new home, so these reports enable you to find out more about the property and surrounding area.

We want to put homebuyers in the driving seat when making the biggest purchase of their lives, before they spend money on a property. For more information please visit