Optional Enquiries CON29O

The CON29O form is used for optional questions for local authorities, for example:

  • completion notices
  • noise abatement
  • land maintenance notices
  • Q4 Road Proposals by Private Bodies
  • Q5 Advertisements
  • Q6 Completion Notices
  • Q7 Parks and Countryside
  • Q8 Gas Pipelines
  • Q9 Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • Q10 Noise Abatement
  • Q11 Urban Development Areas
  • Q13 Enterprise Zones, Local Development Orders and BIDs
  • Q13 Inner Urban Improvement Areas
  • Q14 Simplified Planning zones
  • Q15 Land Maintenance Notices
  • Q16 Mineral consultation Areas
  • Q17 Hazardous Substance Consents
  • Q18 Environmental and Pollution Notices
  • Q19 Food Safety Notices
  • Q20 Hedgerow Notices
  • Q21 Flood Defence and Land Drainage Consents
  • Q22 Registered Common Land and Town or Village Greens

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