Drainage and Water Search CON29DW

Developed in consultation with the Law Society and containing authoritative data from the relevant water company, the CON29DW Residential provides conveyancers and homebuyers with all the information they need to ensure peace of mind for both them and the lender.

The report provides underwritten and guaranteed property-level information, alerting home buyers to any potential risks.

The CON29DW Residential contains the following key information regarding issues that could affect future property development, value and enjoyment:

  • Details of water and drainage services at the property – not all properties are connected to the public system
  • Who provides the water and sewerage services at the property?
  • The existence of any agreements or consents to build over public assets
  • The location of any nearby sewage treatment works
  • How the property is billed and location of water meter
  • An assessment of water hardness

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