Property searches the real barometer of the UK housing sector

Julie Edge | 10-Jul-2020

It’s great news that estate agents are reporting record numbers of enquiries for viewings and interest, but the real barometer of the upturn is when a solicitor is instructed on a property purchase and searches are requested.

A month after the UK housing sector started to reawaken post lockdown, we have seen a sharp rise in the number of searches undertaken by conveyancing firms – suggesting that consumer confidence in moving home has returned.

X-Press Legal Services local owners provide solicitors and conveyancing professionals with a complete range of property searches and reports which are at the heart of a property transaction process, related to local authority, property and environmental issues.

Hannah Lister, X-Press Legal Director said: “Based on search report orders we’ve received across our franchise network, we have seen an increase of over 100% month on month which shows that home buyers have definitely bounced back with confidence.

“We know from feedback from our conveyancing clients that there are also a high number of first-time buyers keen to fly the nest of mum and dad after lockdown. We have been fortunate that the UK housing market has continued throughout the difficult times with Covid-19 and is seeing positive steps forward. But we also realise that other sectors have struggled considerably, we just hope that everyone will be able to pick up and move on as soon as possible.”

We have continued to innovate our offering during the Covid-19 crisis across our 27 local offices in England and Wales. With the introduction of additional online facilities including new insurance and security features to enhance our suite of digital data services.