X-Press Legal Services – Your professional search partner

In uncertain times, it’s good to know that some things just don’t change.  At X-Press we’ve always prided ourselves on providing our clients with the most detailed and accurate property search data available.

And that won’t change!

For your peace of mind and that of your clients:

  • We are continuing to take orders and deliver our searches from manually originated records – as long as it is safe for our team to do so.
  • We’re making sure our suppliers and their key workers have the right precautions in place to keep safe and we will pay for data where a Local Authority has imposed restrictions.
  • We believe that X-Press Pay, our online service for direct payments of search fees from your clients, will allow you to preserve your cashflow and keep your transactions and your clients moving – in line with government guidelines of course.
  • Our cloud-based, fully secure, online ordering platform ICOS is perfect for remote working.
  • There is a place in the conveyancing process for insurance products, but that place is not to replace accurate search data. We know you won’t compromise so neither will we. Conveyancers have a tough enough job on a good day.  We don’t want you to come out of this with the issues that can arise around inexpensive, wrap around insurance products littered with ifs, buts and maybes.
  • We have first class technology backed up by 27 dedicated locally owned offices throughout England and Wales all working together to support our clients through this difficult time.

Please take care and stay safe.

Lynne & Dave Lister

Managing Director & Financial & Sales Director, X-Press Legal Services