The Essential Guide to Hot Topics in Residential Freehold Conveyancing with Stephen Desmond

17/01/2024 8:30 am
Stephen Desmond
Coombe Abbey Hotel, Brinklow Road, Binley, CV3 2AB


Residential conveyancing update

As a busy conveyancer, you need to keep up to date with changes in practice as well as changes in the law. So, this presentation is designed to provide you with a vital overview on a range of current matters that you otherwise might not have time to read about. 

A key part of this seminar will be its focus on the practical implications of developments in the field of residential conveyancing. As this area of the law is rapidly evolving, the content is liable to change (eg, as and when the government announces new leasehold reform measures). 

Key topics covered by this course will include:

  • SDLT update, including non-residential purchases, multiple dwelling relief claims, the latest on the consultation for reform
  • The amended questions in the latest edition of form TA6 on Japanese knotweed, and the latest RICS guidance
  • Selective updates to Land Registry Practice Guides, including Mercury and electronic signatures on deeds
  • New builds: The latest developments on the Help to Buy, the new Ombudsman, the future for the Consumer Code
  • Recent cases on practical aspects of conveyancing including:
    • Rights of way, prescriptive easements
    • Restrictive covenants: pre-1926 conveyance, restriction on number of dwellinghouses
    • New Homes: practical completion certificates, stakeholder contracts
    • Beneficial interests: undue influence, third party contributions to purchase and unwritten trust declarations
    • Reporting to clients on title:how far does the solicitor’s duty extend?