Residential Conveyancing Update with Stephen Desmond

17/09/2024 8:30 am
Stephen Desmond & Robert Kelly
The Boardroom, Coventry Building Society Arena, Judds Lane, Coventry, CV6 6GE

Stephen Desmond Part 1

Pre-Contract Searches: Tricky Replies, How to Respond to Them, and Material Information Guidance

1.5 hours

Intermediate / Update

Despite being routine conveyancing activities, pre-contract searches present a number of pitfalls and traps for both clients and conveyancer alike.

And, while much of the recent focus has been on the new TA6, adverse search responses may require additional enquiries to be raised and specific reports to be sent to clients about any resulting risk factors.

That’s why the main focus of this course is on searches, rather than the Law Society’s new form. Therefore, this presentation will examine legal and practical implications of some of the key questions asked in standard searches and (where applicable) Trading Standards material information guidance.

Issues covered by this course will include the following:

  • Planning permission
  • Listed building consent
  • Conservation area consent
  • Building regulation completion certificate
  • Costs of making up road payable by frontagers
  • Public rights of way shown on a definitive map or revised definitive map?
  • Enforcement notice
  • Direction restricting permitted development
  • Section 106 agreements and CIL
  • Contaminated Land
  • Drainage and sewerage issues

Robert Kelly

Its My House and I’ll Do What I Want With It!”

  • Covenants, Planning and other restrictions on the use and development of a property
  • “Englishman’s home is his castle?”
  • Why is your client buying the house?
  • Listed Buildings
  • Conservation Areas
  • Planning
  • Restrictive covenants

Robert will look at potential problems and solutions which need to be considered when a client is looking at changing or developing the house they are buying, however insignificant the changes may appear. The session will look at how to make sure you are aware of your client’s plans and what obstacles could be put in their way. Includes time for questions.

Stephen Desmond – Part 2

Hot Topics in Residential Leasehold Conveyancing and Leasehold Reforms

1.5 hours CPD

Level: Update/Intermediate

As a busy property lawyer, you will know that leasehold is a complex and high-risk area of practice. So, this presentation is designed to provide you with a vital overview on a range of current matters that you otherwise might not have time to read about.

A key part of this seminar will be its focus on the practical implications of developments in the field of residential long leases, including tribunal decisions and recent legislative activity in Parliament.

As this area of the law is rapidly evolving, the content is liable to change.

Key topics covered by this course will include:

• Lease extensions: how planned reforms will affect the conveyancing process
• Recent decisions on Airbnb sub-lets
• Examples of poorly drafted leases
• A range of current issues pertaining to repair covenants, service charges and insurance
• Was the landlord prevented from redeveloping the roof space?
• Replacement lease plan following rejection by Land Registry