Residential Conveyancing Update with David Keighley

24/01/2024 8:30 am
David Keighley
Cumberwell Park, Great Cumberwell, Bradford-on-Avon, BA15 2PQ

In this half day session, David Keighley will examine the practical implications for residential property of recent case law, practice guides and related developments.

To ensure the content is both topical and relevant, the issues to be covered will be determined nearer the time but may include:

  • Building Safety Act.. further practical issues & concerns
  • Climate Change: What are solicitor’s obligations to homebuyers?
  • Homeworking: Revised Planning Guidance
  • Overage after SPS Groundworks and Building Ltd v Mahil [2022]
  • The New Shared Ownership Lease
  • Miscellaneous Practice Points

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