Full day Residential & Commercial Conveyancing – Training Seminar (Cheltenham)

Venue: Cheltenham Racecourse
Time: Full day
Speaker: David Keighley, Paul Clark, Alan Riley


This full day training seminar at Cheltenham Racecourse covers both Commercial and Residential Conveyancing.  Topics include:

David Keighley

  • Mortgages: Breach of Trust, Misrepresentation & Forgery
  • Solicitors Liability to the Land Registry; Law Commission Proposals to reform Land Registration
  • Service Charges-Time limits, interim payments, balancing charges & reasonableness
  • Solicitors’ duty in relation to search report
  • Leasehold: What’s changing & lenders requirements

Paul Clark (Residential)

  • SDLT news and problem areas illustrated by worked examples, including:
  • Budget changes
  • Only 14 days for filing returns
  • The effect on surcharge of 26 November 2018
  • First time buyer relief and surcharge

Paul Clark (Commercial)

  • An in-depth look at SDLT on commercial leases, including:
    • Calculating SDLT on rent
    • Linked leases
    • Surrenders, regrants and overlap relief
    • Periodic tenancies – don’t use them!

Alan Riley

  • Case law and practice developments affecting commercial leases
  • Legal obstacles to development (ACVs; rights to light; TVGs, boundary disputes; adverse possession; covenants)
  • Other recent developments affecting property lawyers
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