Conveyancing law update – Bradford on Avon

Venue: Cumberwell Park Golf Club, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 2PQ
Time: 12.30 - 5.15
Speaker: David Keighley - Residential property solicitor


Every residential property practitioner must keep up-to-date with the at times fast pace of developments in law and practice. This conveyancing update course is specifically designed to meet those needs. The emphasis is on the practical rather than the academic niceties.  Please note content is subject to change to ensure that the most important recent developments are covered.

Topics covered may include:

  1. Rent Charges: Will they make a comeback and are they more dangerous than you thought?
  2. Solicitors Duty in relation to Search report
  3. Japanese Knotweed & other invasive species
  4.    Does the buyer’s solicitor have an obligation to verify the identity of a seller?
  5. Gating a Right of Way
  6. Neighbour’s claim to part of a garden
  7. Consumer Protection Regulations and Conveyancers
  8. UK Finance Mortgage Lenders Handbook Changes
  9. Service Charges & Leasehold Rent issues
  10. Lenders changing requirements for newbuild leasehold
  11. Government response to consultation on Leasehold Market
  12. The amended Consumer Code for Homebuilders
  13. Insurance Distribution Directive: impact on newbuild warranties & indemnity insurance
  14. Impact and validity of Section 106 Restrictions on parking
  15. Can you always rely on a Professional Consultants Certificate?
  16. Impact of contract signed by only one of joint buyers
  17. Passing the benefit of Covenants
  18. Adverse Possession of a River Mooring
  19. Does understating the consideration invalidate a Transfer?
  20. “Mum wants to sell her house and give me the money”; Mental Capacity, duress and undue influence in Conveyancing
  21. Severing a Joint Tenancy: recent developments
  22. Update on Easements
  23. SDLT
  24. Enfranchisement; recent developments on valuation
  25. Mortgages
  26. Land Registration issues
  27. Miscellaneous Practice Points
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