Conveyancers warned to beware of Cyber Monday deals

Julie Edge | 21-Nov-2022

Cyber Monday is hailed as the best day of the year for bagging an online bargain. But when it comes to conveyancing a misguided purchase could be costly!

Many insurers require law firms and conveyancers to protect themselves against scams, recommending enhanced security, IT systems and accreditations such as Cyber Essentials Plus.  But many e-conveyancing products used by law firms remain completely exposed to cybercrime, putting conveyancing transactions and careers at huge risk.

“While conveyancing and legal firms may have protected themselves internally, how many are asking the question, how safe is our supplier?” asks Scott Reece Head of IT at X-Press Legal Services.  “Every conveyancer must be questioning whether their suppliers take security as seriously as they do.  Grabbing a cheap deal or product without understanding a supplier’s commitment to cyber security could leave you with a hefty fine and a serious blow to your professional reputation.  That’s why we are urging all conveyancers to use this Cyber Monday as a timely reminder to speak to their suppliers and ensure any online conveyancing products they are using are fully cyber secure.

“We have invested heavily in obtaining Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, which is a government backed scheme, so our clients can rest easy this Cyber Monday, safe in the knowledge that all the products and systems they operate through us are secure.  However, we are concerned that many others in the conveyancing industry are vulnerable to cyber-attacks because they may be purchasing unsecure products.”

Providing clients with complete protection and peace of mind, X-Press Legal Services has invested in the same level of cyber security as those recommended by The Law Society.  The company has Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, the highest standard achievable, deployed across all its digital systems and procedures.  This ensures all data and documentation kept digitally by the company is safe from cyber-attacks and threats.

On top of this, the company regularly stress tests its systems and processes by simulating cybercrime techniques to ensure they remain watertight.

“Property transactions are incredibly appealing to cyber criminals so from the outset of this digital revolution in conveyancing we have ensured our systems are the Fort Knox of the industry,” continued Scott.  “We are constantly enhancing the security of our data and systems, not just to protect them from a cyber-attack, but also ensure that we match, or in most cases surpass the cyber security measures taken by our clients.  The safety and security of client data is at the heart of what we do and we are committed to ensuring our e-conveyancing services are the safest on the market.”