Groundsure Screening

Groundsure Screening provides the ideal assessment for lower value commercial property transactions. Screening covers contaminated land, flood, ground stability, radon and energy risks. Each report is written and reviewed by our in-house team of environmental consultants who can be contacted in the event of a query.

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    Key Features
    Why this matters
    Law Society-compliant assessment of contaminated land, including any high-risk features.
    Alerts buyer to any contamination risks.
    Full flood-risk assessment covering river, coastal, surface water and groundwater.
    Informs buyer of property’s proximity to flood risk.
    Examines all existing and planned hydrocarbon exploration and extraction sites; wind farm; power stations; nuclear power stations; wind turbine and solar farm applications.
    Delivers essential information on all energy projects close to property.
    Identifies planning constraints.
    Buyer can make informed choice about environmental and cultural designations locally.
    Ground stability screening.
    Delivers crucial detail on subsidence risk.