Where it all began ….

“Like many people disillusioned with the corporate machine, and the toll it takes on family life, we wanted to find something that would free at least one us from the daily grind to allow time to bring up the kids.

We came across this idea through a solicitor friend and spent two years being trained by him, honing our skills and researching the conveyancing search market. In 1998, X-Press was born, as a home business, with three members of our family working from the kitchen table.

Within twelve months, we had outgrown our home office and moved our small but busy enterprise into two rooms in a very dilapidated building in Warrington town centre, giving us the opportunity to bring on-board the two remaining members of the family. We continued to expand the office team and X-Press went from strength to strength.

Within five years, we realised we had to make some dramatic changes if we were to keep pace with client and market expectations.  That change was the decision to franchise the business. This played to Lynne’s strengths, having been the editor of Business Franchise Magazine for over ten years, and Dave’s extensive experience of business management and finance.

The X-Press timeline

Today, five members of our family continue to be involved in the day-to-day operation and form the Management Team. Lynne, Dave, Christian, Russell and Hannah have found their niches in various parts of the business. Working in the original business as well as providing constant support from our Head Office in Warrington, Cheshire, our business has vastly expanded, but still retain the values of a family-run operation.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, our customer service and personable approach which is at the very heart of our culture.

Collectively, our network has over 400 years’ industry experience, so our clients can be assured that every case is handled with due diligence and the utmost professionalism.

And now, 20 years on, X-Press is respected and trusted throughout the industry, our level of influence has grown, and we are recognised at the forefront of this industry and at Government level.

Our story is the same as many of our franchisees; a desire to be flexible and family-friendly without massive overheads, a desire to provide a service to local businesses using local knowledge.

All you need is a kitchen table…”

Lynne Lister

Lynne Lister, Managing Director

Dave Lister

Dave Lister, Financial & Sales Director