Far greater than the sum of our parts…

X-Press Legal Services is part of the wider X-Press Legal Group, which encompasses a range of innovative technologies and initiatives specifically designed to enhance the conveyancing and property search process.

As such, the X-Press Legal Services Group is far more than the sum of these individual parts:

SMweb Case Management System

At the heart of the day-to-day management of the X-Press Legal Services network is our web-based case management system, SMweb. Developed from scratch by our dedicated in-house IT team, SMweb now forms the solid foundation of our continuing IT development programme.

Fully compliant with the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB), SMweb integrates seamlessly with our Intelligent Conveyancing Online System (ICOS), and communicates with our 25 offices, giving clients the peace of mind to know that their matter will be handled efficiently. SMweb can also be integrated with other case management systems including – but not limited to – Proclaim, the only case management system endorsed by The Law Society and used by over 25,000 professionals.

ICOS – Intelligent Conveyancing Online System

This is our client facing online ordering platform which embraces the very latest technology and innovations in the property search process. ICOS enables property lawyers and licensed conveyancers to deliver flexible, transparent conveyancing services for their clients. The attractive dashboard provides users with a one-stop-shop for all their conveyancing search needs, rapidly reducing administration time, while improving efficiency and accuracy.

Ease of use, speed and transparency are at the heart of ICOS, and the simple 4-stage process makes ordering quick and straightforward.  It is easily accessible, operating across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The system reports all local area risks and updates, and the latest Land Registry title mapping. Today, the majority of our client base uses ICOS.

Law Plain and Simple

For most of us, the mere prospect of visiting a solicitor, or legal professional can be a daunting one. Likewise, legal documents appear to be an endless stream of long, mostly Latin or antiquated English words, which means very little to the average person. This is where Law Plain and Simple can help – 60 areas of law explained jargon-free, with around 700 featured articles written by legal professionals in simple, straight forward language we can all understand.

This is exactly what Law Plain and Simple is all about – a little bit of knowledge, giving you just enough information to be confident to get the most out of your visit to a legal professional. Law Plain and Simple also has a directory of local law firms who specialise in the area of law in which you may need advice and guidance.

QuotemePlus – Connecting Property Professionals

QuotemePlus is our bespoke quotation and referral system. Developed specifically to simplify the conveyancing communication process, QuotemePlus saves time while keeping everyone in the chain connected in real-time.

We all know that conveyancing can be a long, drawn-out process, making it especially frustrating for the buyer and seller. With so many parties involved, many hours can be wasted throughout the process querying where things are, while at the same time trying to keep clients updated. QuotemePlus is the solution to this perpetual problem!

  • Built-in case tracker provides real-time access to information
  • Dramatically saves time, and reduces volume of telephone calls
  • One-stop-shop for prospective buyers
  • Targeted marketing – quotes supplied on letterheaded paper
  • Ability to connect all parties involved in property transactions
  • Built-in stamp duty calculator