Far greater than the sum of our parts…

X-Press Legal Services is part of the wider X-Press Legal Group, which encompasses a range of innovative technologies and initiatives specifically designed to enhance the conveyancing and property search process.

As such, the X-Press Legal Services Group is far more than the sum of these individual parts:

SMweb is the X-Press in-house, web-based case management system. Fully compliant with the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB), SMweb can be seamlessly integrated with external case management systems including Proclaim, endorsed by The Law Society and used by over 25,000 professionals.

ICOS is our bespoke online ordering platform and is used by the majority of our clients.  Its simple 4-step process provides users with a one-stop-shop for all their conveyancing search needs, rapidly reducing admin time, while improving efficiency and accuracy.  The system reports all local area risks and updates, and the latest Land Registry title mapping.

Law Plain and Simple is an online “magazine” of guides written by legal professionals in simple, straightforward language.  Its aim is to give members of the public an explanation of various areas of the law without the jargon.

Devised as a marketing channel for our clients, the website has 10.5K unique visitors each month, and a very strong social media presence.

X-Press’ clients have a free listing in the directory of law firms, and the opportunity to present their practice in a forward-thinking, jargon-free environment by writing articles for the site.

QuotemePlus is our bespoke, centralised quotation and private messaging service.  It has been designed for use by ALL relevant property professionals involved in the conveyancing process.

  • Built-in case tracker provides real-time access to information
  • Dramatically saves time, and reduces volume of telephone calls
  • One-stop-shop for prospective buyers
  • Targeted marketing – quotes supplied on letterheaded paper
  • Ability to connect all parties involved in property transactions
  • Built-in stamp duty calculator